The law firm ZPartners was founded by successful Russian lawyer Mikhail D. Zheleznyak back in 2003.

By strictly adhering to the core principles of advocacy, Mikhail Zheleznyak built a team that consistently works on implementing his philosophy.

Adherence to law, lawyer independence and equality, professional protection of the clients’ rights and legitimate interests are the values that over the fifteen years of its existence have defined the firm’s legal practice.

ZPartners offers a broad range of legal services, specializing in constitutional, civil, administrative, and criminal law proceedings.

In coordination with the client, ZPartners builds an expert team taking into account the client’s goals and the industry context and attaching great importance to consistency and commitment in representing the client.

Our team has experience participating in international projects involving Russian issues and a proven track record as a reliable Russian partner teaming with international law firms.

ZPARTNERS is a team of experienced attorneys and lawyers with over 30 years of experience.