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We offer multiple services in this area of practice, including protection of the legitimate interests of the parties to bankruptcy proceedings — on the debtor side, including its managers, owners, employees, and similarly on the creditor side. The scope of services we provide ranges from advising clients on certain issues of debt restructuring and insolvency to providing comprehensive support throughout the entire bankruptcy procedure. Our extensive practical experience of client representation allows us to promptly find the optimal solutions tailored for a specific case, minimize potential risks, and achieve the best possible outcome.


June 2018
The criminal prosecution of the client with the termination of the criminal case initiated on the fact of evasion from fulfilling the obligation to repatriate money in foreign currency or the currency of the Russian Federation was terminated (clause "a" part 2 article 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Lawyer Bureau Belov D.O. in cooperation with his colleagues, succeeded in stopping the criminal prosecution of his client - a large regional entrepreneur, a manufacturer suspected of evading the obligation to repatriate money in the amount of more than three million US dollars.
December 2017