A criminal law analysis of the draft resolution by the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the judicial practice in cases of bribery, corrupt business practices, and other corruption-related crime
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About an exception of damagefromof theft
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Dissociation of interests of law enforcement and law-enforcement agencies - the only opportunity to protect interests of justice

Authors: Bakradze A.A., Aminov D.I. Questions of realization by law enforcement and law-enforcement agencies of legal policy of the state which showiness consistently is determined by number of the persons condemned and sent to correctional facilities for punishment serving, but not the level of satisfaction of expectations of citizens from work of justice system are considered. Interest in effectively working, but the main thing - fair justice system, on the one hand, and the extremely negative situation which developed in this sphere, and also a way of its improvement - with another, naturally generated particular research interest at authors. Variety of problems which are a priori peculiar to our justice system, designate its especially repressive character even in comparison with the known periods in the history of our country. Very repressive and absolutely inadequate character of the existing criminal legislation is imposed on other negative phenomenon produced by essential violations of the principles and legislative norms by officials from justice. Such imposing generates the certain resonance shown in the form of the synergetic effect which is repeatedly strengthening the extremely negative impact of system on society in general.